Friday, October 25, 2013

Bralalalala Calls Hollywood Director's Bluff, Prevails at Trial

Los Angeles Music Award winning transgender singer Bralalalala has prevailed at trial against David Klassen, supervising art director for many Hollywood films such as Django Unchained, Interstellar (2014), Amazing Spider Man and Iron Man 1,2 among others, in a case where the director was charged with sexual assault, libel and intentional infliction of emotional distress of the singer. David Klassen's co defendant attorney girlfriend Yolanda Marsili was also sued in the case with similar charges, including aiding in the sexual assault. At the time of trial they each represented themselves, and despite over two years of litigation and perhaps noting a pending criminal investigation, Klassen chose to not show up at his trial. Nevertheless, testimony was taken by the court regarding the video depositions given to Bralalalala by the defendants. The court also heard police evidence, including documents provided by defendants, testimony of the singer and of a psychologist. The cross complaint against Bralalalala for extortion and malicious prosecution was dismissed once again, The cross complaints against all other individuals regarding alleged extortion was also dismissed. The answer of defendants as to the sexual assault, libel and intentional infliction of emotional distress charges was struck, and their default entered. The defendants also did not want to go to trial on the previous trial date set in March, claiming the importance of their previously struck cross complaints. In July, a specially appeearing attorney claimed the co defendant attorney was sick and unable to attend. This case has been largely underreported in the media as Klassen has been using his so called position to not only feel entitled to this behavior in the first instance evidently, but additionally to make believe an extortion plot merely based on his alleged film industry reputation being of alleged notability. Among the evidence submitted were a variety of key admissions and contradictions about the conversations that occurred leading up to and the night of the assault, Additionally, it was presented that the criminal investigation against Klassen which to this point has led to two submissions to the district attorneys office in Orange County, California, was distracted by a heavily fabricated website about the alleged criminal character and non musical achievements in print of Bralalalala as created by the defendants. There were also many documents provided to the court illustrating the defendants attacking the singer via phone text for supposedly being a whore with issues regarding her genitals being limp. Furthermore, admissions were heard regarding the taking down of various internet profiles of Bralalalala, including on Myspace, Yahoo Music Billboard and elsewhere admittedly by defendants making phone calls showing their libel site on the singer to internet companies.

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